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The Power of One Person

My last blog was a tribute to my mother. I am now writing about her again to share a part of her legacy.

When Mummy passed away in June, one of the first messages I received was from Hilary Sherlock, who is the principal of a small school (the STEP Centre) in Kingston for children with developmental disabilities.

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A Life Well-Lived

I come from a line of artists. My grandmother, Barbara Parsons, made many beautiful paintings throughout her life, and my mother was also a talented artist. Mummy, however, did not get to indulge her passion for painting often because of her incredible career in innovative solutions for children with disabilities in poor countries.

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The Gifts of 2017

This has been quite a year! What with its ups and downs it certainly hasn’t been “dull”. And it would be very easy to say “Good riddance to 2017”, however there have been so many opportunities for learning that I would like to say “Thank you!” instead, for the gifts.

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