The Positive Light of Transition

Today I would like to talk about the transitional state of the weather and and how it can affect us in a number of ways. Up until recently, the fall here in Delaware was relatively warm, however now that has started to change.

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The Season of Change

Fall is the season of change, what with the leaves changing their colors, then falling to the ground and then the temperatures changing as winter approaches. I’ve been working on making some changes myself over these past few weeks.

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Vincent van Gogh ~ A Magnificent Inspiration

So it’s one of those grey and rainy mornings and I’m just not feeling the creative juices flowing….thank goodness that when I check my email, I find that Pinterest has sent me the topic of Vincent van Gogh to follow. Vincent just happens to be one, if not my favorite painter of all time. Not only are his paintings an absolute inspiration to my senses, but they also seem to lift my entire spirit.

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The Tipping Point of summer – what glory it brings!

It’s sad to say but it’s that time of year when the summer is officially just about over, at least it is here on the East Coast. There are however, much to my delight, some leftovers from the ‘sun season’ that continue to linger, and I have been taking advantage of their presence. I speak of the glorious plants and flowers that remain in the days of September and how thrilled I am for them to still be here.

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Discipline and what comes next

It’s been quite a summer this year. It started off with a bang in Kingston, Jamaica with the book launch at the end of June, and then being greeted by friends and family back at home in Delaware, with various other people coming and going as well. Now, in August, with the Rio Olympics in the air and more people still coming and going….

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Sharing Independence

My last blog about Emancipation Day was quite personal and got to the heart of the matter, believing that we all have the power to liberate ourselves. My reflections on the Jamaican national holiday of Independence are also very personal, as I am an artist and very proud of my Jamaican heritage.

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Emancipate yourself!

This Emancipation Day, which is a national holiday in Jamaica, I choose to reflect on the words of the great Jamaican reggae singer and songwriter Bob Marley ~ Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds. ~ I find these words very interesting, moving and inspiring and this concept of “mental slavery” leads me to the following questions:

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Premier Book Launch at Devon House

What a week it was! Our trip to Jamaica for the premier book launch of A Watercolour Tribute to Historic Jamaican Churches just a few weeks ago was jam packed with event planning, interviews, family connecting and beach going. Rich, colorful and fulfilling in every way imaginable, Rochelle and I heralded success on our journey back to the U.S.

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Finding inspiration for the Jewelled Ethereals

Today I just put on the finishing touches to the second of the two Jewelled Ethereals that I had been working on recently. It felt so therapeutic! It’s been a while now since I’ve done any of that kind of work and it certainly feels good!

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