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Soft Book Launch at the Jamaican Embassy in Washington D.C.

It’s a good thing that we had been planning this soft book launch event for a while now as it ended up having to come together rather quickly. Tuesday April 26 was to be the day. I drove down to D.C. just after midday and made it safely to my cousin Rochelle’s beautiful apartment in the city at around 3:30pm where we talked a bit, got ready and then left for the Jamaican Embassy early that evening.

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Labour Day in Jamaica

On May 23rd, Jamaica celebrates Labour Day. Although I’m writing in Delaware, I want to reflect on what Jamaican Labour Day means to me. My memories are full of people coming together to work on social projects that involve cleaning up or uplifting their general surroundings.

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Book Presentation to Bishop Howard Gregory

My recent trip to Jamaica in early February went well. I signed (and sold) quite a number of my watercolor coffee table books including one for Bishop Howard Gregory. Actually making my presentation of a book to him ended up being one of the highlights of my stay there.

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Overnight Sojourn To Washington DC

I love going to Washington DC on the train and I was given a special treat last Friday afternoon when I traveled on the Acela Express so that I could arrive at Union Station by 4 pm. That train was flying! I don’t seem to remember these trains going so fast but then maybe it’s been a while.

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