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The fun of taking family photos

Taking family photos in July has become a yearly ritual when my sister Diana is visiting Delaware. It may sound like fun at first and in fact it usually is, but there can be some hiccups along the way that inevitably end up happening. Here’s a snapshot (pardon the pun) of what took place this past July with outdoor lighting, the camera and LOTS of action!

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The coming of summer

It’s June already and here comes the summer! I don’t know about you but I usually never really feel ready for this season, no matter what I try to put into place. It’s such a busy time in our household and even though it can bring a lot of fun and cheer to our home, it can also be quite hectic and rather intense. It’s still is however a happy time and quite full of excitement for everyone, especially the children.

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Tribute to the Trees

Aren’t trees wonderful?! They enrich our lives in so many ways and apart from being so majestic and beautiful, they can shade us, feed us and most importantly help us to breathe! And we must not forget that’s where we get wood and paper from as well, things that we couldn’t live without, could we?

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