A Watercolour Tribute To Historic Jamaican Churches


BUY In what is destined to become a “must have” for collectors of Jamaican coffee table books, “A Watercolour Tribute to Historic Jamaican Churches” is Juliet Thorburn’s latest offering from the easel.  Page after page, it brings together this artist’s masterful rendering of some of Jamaica’s oldest and most historically interesting buildings, accompanied by impeccably researched text detailing the architectural, cultural, and social background of these magnificent edifices.

This exquisite Jamaican coffee table book comprises an unusual combination of components: art, history, sociology and architecture.

The result is a visually and intellectually stimulating account of a slice of Jamaica’s rich heritage. Together with accompanying photographs, the 14 watercolor paintings depict churches across Jamaica, while the text conveys each church’s history and character.  Replete with stories of love and family, sorrow and triumph, readers will not be able to put the book down.