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St. Mark’s, Rio Bueno, Trelawny


I have a special sentiment for St. Mark’s, Rio Bueno, found in Trelawny, Jamaica. This church has a kind of magical quality about it to me and not only is it physically beautiful but it seems to emanate peace and serenity as well. I think I was drawn to paint it partly to try and capture those qualities with the lines, washes and colors that I used when painting it and I only hope that I was able to achieve that in some way. I would like at the very least to be able to share with others what I saw and felt from this divine structure. This is a limited edition of 50 giclée prints on watercolor paper.

5% of the total cost of your order will be devoted to the Port Royal Cays Coral Restoration Project in Jamaica. If you would like more information on this project, please go to

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