Artist’s Statement


Becoming an artist had always been a childhood dream of mine—an ever-present ‘knowing’ as familiar as my own skin.

Over the decades that followed, I willingly explored that path as a Caribbean fine artist, showcasing in my work the treasures of nature that provoke thought, honor diversity, and inspire interpretations of life.

My first strokes as a Caribbean fine artist was with watercolor, a medium I find incredibly fluid yet immediately expressive. Watercolor has a translucent, almost magical effect as it as it flows on and settles into the paper. While still enjoying the challenge of this medium, in 2005 I began working with oils.  At once bold yet pliable, oils offered a different dynamic to the creative process; a wonderful versatility in which my subject matter could find expression in its own time.

Nature remains the wellspring of gifts from which I draw inspiration.  Her kaleidoscope of light and colors continue to enhance the endless subjects that abound:  from beautiful flowers and playful plants, to breathtaking landscapes and heart-stopping vistas, and more.  I have found such exquisite wonders not only in Jamaica, but also along my travels and where I now live on the East Coast of the United States.

To be able to share with others one’s view of the human experience is a privilege—indeed, a gift—I have always treasured.  This form of expression remains my cohesive force and my foundation as a devoted Caribbean fine artist.  As I explore along this path, I’ll continue to open the doors encountered, and welcome fresh knowledge and interpretations of life.”